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UDEP has pioneered the Turbo Spin Flash Drying System (TSFD) in the country.
The TSFD is a continous bulk drying system which helps in energy savings, low labour deployment, uniform quality products, low space requirement and minimal dusting due to negative pressures in the system during drying.
The design of the Turbo Spin Flash Drying System depends upon product characteristics, capacity and other specific application requirements.
Hence every single TSFD system is custom designed.
Salient Features:
The chief advantages of the TSFD's are:
Direct contact dryers for bulk drying of various products such as inorganic chemicals, bulk drugs, dyestuffs, insecticides foodstuffs etc.
Ideal for replacing conventional drying systems such as Fluid Bed Dryers, Pneumatic Flash Dryers, Spray Dryers etc.
The energy efficiency of such systems are upto eighty percent, which is very high for such types of drying systems
Mesh Sizing, conveying, classifying etc. can be done on the same system
Space utilization is most economical and operations are totally automatic. Most of the time, the product can be directly bagged or sent for further processing
Self regulating, self adjusting system, which involves minimal attention even while operating at capacity
The system being under negative pressure, there is no dusting and therefore no wastage. The area is free from environmental hazards. Clean operation with minimal manual handling is an important feature of the system
Turbo Spin Flash Drying System - Questionnaire.xls (click to download)