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R & D Facilities and Pilot Plants

UDEP has state of the art pilot plant facilities, a full-fledged CAD department and analytical labs, to undertake intensive study of diverse materials and their characteristics. Using these advance research & testing facilities; as also our vast database of materials and test procedures; we can help you make an informed process decision based on real-time, actual performance data.

UDEP specializes in Process Design, research, development and optimization. In our R&D facilities, there is a continuous quest for new break-through's in technologies.
We have a huge database of diverse product characteristics based on direct experience and Pilot plant trials. Our design group works closely with the R&D department and our teams constantly keep pace with new product and process technologies through proactive discussions with user industries both within the country and globally

UDEP's full-fledged CAD department is headed by qualified & experienced Design Managers and the latest computer aided design & drafting software.

UDEP regularly conducts Lab and pilont plant trials Make an informed decision with UDEPís Pilont Plant Facilities

Dedicated R & D facility
From Concept to Commissioning, from Research to Full scale production, UDEP is focussed on giving you Cutting Edge Technological Solutions. X