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Activities & Scope

UDEP’s All-Encompassing Scope

Concept to Commissioning & Beyond….

Existing Plants

We undertake a comprehensive Study & Analysis of existing Plants – including processes & equipment. We then diagnose problem areas and provide the Best-Fit Solution.

We also conduct in-depth analysis of Thermal Efficiencies and suggest methods of Energy Conservation and recovery

Technology Upgradation & Modernization of existing plants is an integral part of our scope of work

New Projects

Within our Database we have a wide range of Total Turnkey Projects for Producing & Processing Chemicals, Fertilizers, Mineral Extracts and many more.

At UDEP, we have the unique ability of turning customer’s spark of an idea into Reality – so be it single stand-alone systems of Total Turnkey Projects; we stand by you, to service every need – from concept to commissioning & beyond…..!

Our All Encompassing Scope: From concept to Commissioning!
UDEP Upgrades existing plants to incorporate newest technology
UDEP adds value to your organization by improving upon present Systems, by providing not only with the newest innovations in technology but also technology that fits your needs just right – in the shortest span of time! X