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Distinguishing Features:

Ammonium Sulphate solution is prepared at the desired concentration and at the appropriate temperature in the reaction vessel and potassium chloride solid/solution is added to this and the vessel is agitated for the desired time and at the appropriate temperatures.
A white precipitate is thus obtained. The precipitate is allowed to settle and the stoichiometric liquid is decanted and taken to a decanted liquid holding vessel.
This liquid contains Ammonium chloride alongwith some dissolved Potassium Sulfate and Potassium Chloride.
The white mass which remains in the reaction vessel after decanting consists of Potassium Sulfate and Ammonium Sulphate, and this mass is washed with Potassium Chloride solution of desired concentration and volume in the vessel itself.
In this step the total conversion of the salt takes place to obtain Potassium Sulfate precipitate.
The resultant slurry is then filtered to obtain wet cake of Potassium Sulfate, and the resulting filtrate, which is basically containing excess Potassium Chloride, is recycled for the 1st stage of reaction.
The precipitated Potassium Sulphate cake is then subjected to a further wash in the filter as per requirement, and then is taken for drying and packing.
Flow Diagram Sulphate of Potash Plant