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Distinguishing Features:

The commercial grade of calcium carbonate is manufactured in two forms.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Lime stone of more than 96% purity is calcined in a Kiln.
The calcined lime is cooled and slaked with water at certain conditions and slaked lime is then screened, conditioned and reacted with the carbon dioxide that is liberated from the calciner in specially designed carbonators in controlled conditions.
The Precipitated Calcium Carbonate of the required grade is produced in the carbonator and subsequently filtered and dried in a dryer and then packed.
Activated Calcium Carbonate
Activated calcium carbonate is produced by adding stearic acid to the calcium carbonate slurry obtained from the carbonating tower and subsequently filtering and drying the product.
Both the forms of calcium carbonate are being used in various industries as fillers or extenders, thus assumes crucial importance in chemical and allied industries.
PVC Rubber, dentrifice, cigarette, paper, printing ink, pharmaceutical are some of the calcium carbonate user industries.