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Distinguishing Features:

The hydration plant consist of a 3 tier unit with each tier having a heavy duty hollow shaft provided with suitable paddles with adjustable blades in order to provide a thorough mixing of the quick lime with the hydration water.
The material would be mixed and conveyed and suitably positioned spray nozzles would be provided in the chambers to ensure that the total hydration of the material, in a uniform manner, takes place during the mixing and conveying of the lime in the units.
Water in the required ratio will be sprayed into the chamber through suitable positioned spray nozzles along with the required valves to adjust the flow rate to the chambers.
The hydrated lime will then be taken by means of a screw conveyor to a bucket elevator which will feed the material through a small hopper into a continuous mill where the material will be crushed to the desired particle size.
Flow Diagram Hydrated Lime Plant