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Distinguishing Features:

The hollow flighted screw dryer is an indirect heated dryer comprising of a rotating hollow flights.
Heat is transferred through the inner surfaces of the hollow flights and shaft. And since the principle of the conveyor is employed the particles of the material within the mass are subjected to continuous movement and repeated contact with the surface containing the heat exchange agent.
The slow, rotation, conveying, interfolding and dispersing action increase the heat exchanged with the product.
The motion is however so mild and gentle that there is no dusting nor particle degradation.
The dryer is widely used for drying, cooling, heating and other operations where heat transfer is involved.
Heat transfer agents such as hot water, steam or hot oil provide for a wide range of processing temperatures.
Chief Advantages:
No direct contact with the heating medium
Close control of material as to temperature and time of treatment
One or all of the functions of heating, drying and cooling to be done continuously in the same unit
Heat transfer agent may be circulated either parallel or counter current to the flow of the material
Compact design is ideal for vacuum processing
Inert gas atmospheres readily maintained in material compartment
Sticky materials can be handled due to positive conveying action of multiple screws