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Distinguishing Features:

This comprises of a top & bottom chamber, wherein the bottom section of the chamber will be provided a vibrating screen supported on a suitably designed grid.
The bottom section below the screen is provided with suitable nozzles for the entry for fluidizing air and the top section of the chamber is provided with a suitable outlet nozzle and is so designed so as to enable the fluidized air to proceed to the suitable dust collection unit.
Material is fed through a chute and suitable distribution system at one end of the chamber and spreads over the screen uniformly.
The Material proceeds from one end to the other end of the screen in a fluidized and vibrating manner and during this process the drying of the required levels takes place.
The retention time and the level of fluidization/vibration can be adjusted.
Chief Advantages:
Advanced method of drying wet/semi wet solids
Unlike in Tray Drying every solid particle is floating in the HOT STREAM of air which is blown from down to up creating material layer in fluidised state
Almost every wet particle directly receives the heat energy from hot air resulting in uniform and quick drying
Very versatile process equipment for uniform and efficient drying of products