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Configurations Available: Direct Fired / Indirect Fired

Distinguishing Features:

Rotary Calciners are used for calcining of the material at high temperature. The Rotary Calciner comprises of rotating shell supported on rollers / tyres and driven by means of suitable drive arrangement.
The internals are suitably refractory lined to minimize the heat losses. The combustion chamber is used for producing hot gases required for the calcination and it is connected to the Rotary Calciner through a stationary hood.
The feed material is fed into the calciner feed hood through Conveyors at controlled rates.
The materials to be calcined travel in co-current/counter current fashion within the Calciner and get discharged through the discharge hood
Dust Collection Systems:
Dust Collection Systems:
Bag Filters Reverse Pulsejet etc.
Wet Scrubbers Packed scrubbers etc.
Optional Features:
Feed Material Pre-Heating Arrangement.
Rotary Cooler for cooling of calcined product.